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Hello there fellow kweebecs, since we haven't made updates in a while I wanted to share some information on Hytale.Café .

This quick Q&A will help clear up questions regarding what Hytale.Cafe is...

What is Hytale Cafe?
Hytale cafe is currently a work in progress website & development group. Our plans consist of making hytale servers, and curating communities for the hytale fan base!

What are the plans for Hytale Cafe?
At the moment only the future will tell, in the process of Hytale's release, we are working precisely on development, researching, and advertising solutions to have everything prepared for the game's official release.

Why are there articles about Hytale?
Our articles are made up of fun to read content to entertain people and learn more about Hytale while we work on our super secret hytale.cafe projects...

Introducing Market Place 1.0

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Introducing Market Place 1.0..
Hytale.Cafe now hosting Market Place for purchasing or selling variety of products such as

  • Builds
    This forums is best for seller and buyer to negotiate builds for their Minecraft or Hytale Servers.
  • Graphics & Designs
    Graphic related commission are hosted here, you can discuss related topic or provide services or request commissions
  • Web Development
    Web Development related commission are hosted here, you can related topic or provide services or request commissions
  • Development
    Development related commission are hosted here, This forums must only be under the development of an addons or plugins
    or server side discussions only.
  • Recruitment and Staff
    You can offer or request a staff...
Hytale's Official Press Release
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Hello again Kweebecs! I've stumbled across Hypixel Studio websites and found a very interesting official documents from the Hypixel Studios team! currently there are 2 press released, open the spoilers to read them!

Hypixel Studios, the team behind the world’s largest mod server, announce their first standalone game: Hytale

December 13, 2018.Hypixel Studios has today announced Hytale, a blockgame built around three pillars: going on adventures in a procedurally-generated fantasy world, playing minigames with the community, and building and sharing mods and custom content using an accessible set of browser-based and in-game tools.

Founded by veterans of the Hypixel mod server (holder of four Guinness World Records including ‘most popular independent server for a videogame’), Hytale represents the culmination of the team’s desire to establish themselves as a fully-fledged game development...
Hytale Release Date!?
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Greetings again fellow Kweebecs!
Guess who has closed beta to Hytale? us! Hytale.Cafe made it
this is a joke..


Anyhow, with the following blogs and articles Hytale has written on their website it has given us some hint of the release date.
Although it is still yet hasn't been confirmed officially, Many articles about Hytale has already been released giving us huge chunk of information of what the game will be and with things slowly being revealed by the Hypixel Studios team, we can have some theory and inspection upon it's release date

Hytale is most likely to be released this year, if it was released in 2020 The #Hypetale will probably be flopped.
We're expecting to receive an open beta of Hytale during the summer break as it is a reasonable season of the year as people
will have more time to spend on Hytale instead of...
Hytale secret messages?
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Hey there, how are you?
Hello there fellow Kweebecs, within this blog we're going to explore the logo design of the game, Hytale.

First Impression: Hytale's logo is very well designed, including it's proportion, color schemes and in general.

Lets talk about it's proportion, the logo is very highly detailed while keeping it's size or elements - not too small or too big.
The color scheme is very bright depicting exciting and warming experiences about the game. The the bright blue presenting something
While the darker blue depicts some sort of evil, cold and empty. On the other hand we see these big giant leaves very colorful in it's mix of
Blue, Yellow, Green pigments. these suggest Danger as the color although looks appealing it also looks as if something is hiding behind it
again, giving the feeling of excitement. The leave's presence is...
Hytale's Custom World Generation
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Hello there Kweebecs! Hytale finally released the long-awaited showcase article giving us a glance at their custom world generation (found on their blog). And oh boy we are excited to analyze all the aspects of it! Let's start off by saying, the graphics and the overall generations looks very similar to Minecraft. Of course, that is expected considering Hypixel Studio are the same people behind the most popular Minecraft server - Hypixel.

In this post, Hypixel Studios highlights the mechanics behind their worlds’ custom generations mechanics, explaining how land, water, and the underground are generated as we explore the mystical lands. Showcasing the fact that pretty much everything in the world will have structures, from underwater to dungeons Hytale will be filled with many detailed ruins, shrubs, trees, mineshafts and more!

One of the most exciting things pointed out in the blog post, are the generated dungeons...
Hytale Easter Eggs!
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Hello there kweebecs, after all data collected on Hytale's sneak peak. We've come to put all the Easter eggs together in one place!
If you've not seen the trailer yet, you are missing out!
Open the spoiler below to see the trailer!

Now that you've seen the trailer, I will list all the easter eggs within the trailer so far!
  1. Kweebecs, these creatures are actually named after one of the province of the hypixel's founder are from!
  2. In the the underwater scene you can see Marlin, Nemo the clown fishs and Dory the regal blue tang from the popular animation, Finding Nemo and Finding Dora, at the right foreground of the video!


  3. Some of the weapons in Hytale are actually reused Skins from one the minigame on Hypixel Server in Minecraft, Warlords. You can definitely sees inspiration from the Hypixel Warlords game in Hytale clearly by...
An Insights of Hytale's Inventory and Item Design
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An upcoming sandbox game that infuses RPG ( Role playing game ) aspect has emerged into the game we know, Hytale. Hytale is founded by Hypixel Studios, but does the name Hypixel sounds familiar? Well, it might be if you plays Minecraft Java Edition and on their popular server, Hypixel. Hypixel is a - third party - minecraft servers filled with minigames owned by Hypixel Inc. while Hytale is a complete whole new experiences of a sandbox game owned by Hypixel Studios. Hypixel Studios had thanks it’s minecraft community for their support, this community has allows them to invest and bring their visions of Hytale into life with the help and leads of Riots Games. Although throughout this article, it will be more focused on the insight of the inventory design in Hytale.

We’ll first take a look at Hytale official trailer:

Exciting right? although lets take a closer...
What we know about the Hytale game
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An upcoming adventure - RPG based game that really wrecks the charts! With over 18 million views in a week., Hytale has become a big sensation amongst the Minecraft community. In this article, I wanted to discuss what we know about Hytale so far, and analyze the secrets their website hold. To start off let's talk about what Hytale is, and how it became reality.

What is Hytale?
Hytale was officially announced on December 13th of 2018, with the official trailer release and websites going live to the public. With that we found out what the long-awaited game was going to look for, and oh boy we were not disappointed! Hytale came out with a Minecraft esque feel, very blocky but with its own beautiful rendering system, dynamic lights, and of course new content to explore!

On December 13th, 2018, Hytale released its website, with that, we got a huge load of images and sketches to explore. From this content, we get to know that unlike...

Sync Your Account

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Hello there fellow kweebecs! I've got great news delivered from the Grand Tree -
Forums has been updated,
New features:
  • You can now sync your forum account with many various social media accounts ( such as google, twitter and/or discord! ) for faster login or registration!
    TIPS: If you already have a forum account created, you can simply link other social media accounts and login with those instead!

    To link your account click here
  • Our discord has also been setup for faster support and quick lounge for chats - https://discord.gg/RuUXyUn
That's it for now!

- Kweebecs @ Hytale.Cafe


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