All about Hytale.Cafe | Q&A


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Dec 21, 2018

Hello there fellow kweebecs, since we haven't made updates in a while I wanted to share some information on Hytale.Café .

This quick Q&A will help clear up questions regarding what Hytale.Cafe is...

What is Hytale Cafe?
Hytale cafe is currently a work in progress website & development group. Our plans consist of making hytale servers, and curating communities for the hytale fan base!

What are the plans for Hytale Cafe?
At the moment only the future will tell, in the process of Hytale's release, we are working precisely on development, researching, and advertising solutions to have everything prepared for the game's official release.

Why are there articles about Hytale?
Our articles are made up of fun to read content to entertain people and learn more about Hytale while we work on our super secret hytale.cafe projects!

Why is the forum very broad/general?
Right now, our forum is still work in progress, we have created a generic forum for people to connect and join while we work on final details. Once our official projects come to life, this forum will be updated to suit the format.

What domain do you currently own?
Our official domain names:

Our plans for domains include public Hytale servers, forums, and more.

Who owns Hytale Cafe?
The only owners of Hytale cafe are Eugene (me), and Ariy.

Are you in any way associated with Hytale or Hypixel LLC?
We are in no way associated with Hytale, or Hypixel LLC. We are simply fans of Hytale, who are working on new projects!

What are your official websites/social media/discord?
Our official links are below: